Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy


Below are the terms and conditions of use of the Debt Freer website and other products and services from Debt Freer LLC. 

Professional Advice.  Debt Freer recommends receiving professional advice for your personal circumstances.  The advice provided by Debt Freer is considered practical based on experience, but is not intended to replace professional advice. 

Copy write.  The content on the Debt Freer website and the content from newsletters and other correspondence from Debt Freer are subject to copy writes and are meant for personal use only.  This material cannot be reproduced in any form without express consent from Debt Freer LLC.

Liability.  Debt Freer will not be held liable for any issues arising from using its products or services, including advice. 

Privacy.  Debt Freer will make it best efforts to protect any personal information on the site and will not sell or distribute this information to any other entities.

Refunds.  Debt Freer allows the use of its products are not paid in advance.  Allowing the customer to try the services before buying.  Commissions are also paid to the customer’s sponsor.  Due to these terms, we are not able to issue refunds.  Customers can cancel at any time by stopping the next payment, they will not be responsible to pay for the month in which they cancel, since each month is paid for at the end.

Accuracy.  Debt Freer makes its best efforts to ensure that the data processing is correct and accurate.  Due to the nature of internet computing, updates or calculations may be corrupted or not complete.  Debt Freer is not responsible for errors in the system, but will make efforts to correct them for future use.

Commissions.  Debt Freer will only pay commissions after it has received the money from the customer and from the company handling the transaction.  If for some reason a refund has to be made to the customer, the commission must be repaid to Debt Freer.  Debt Freer will make every effort to ensure commissions are paid correctly and promptly.  If you receive a commission from Debt Freer in error, you will be required to immediately return it.  If you did not receive a commission, Debt Freer will make every effort to pay it.    

The law.  If any part of these terms and conditions or any other contracts issued by Debt Freer are found to be not in accordance to any State or Federal law, that portion will be removed and the remainder will stay in force.  The portion that was removed will be replaced at Debt Freer’s discretion. If the law prohibits paying commission, the commissions will not be paid and Debt Freer will not be held responsible for payment.

Age requirements.  This site is intended to be used by those who are of age to use it.  Debt Freer will not be held responsible for those who falsely declare they are of age.

United States only.  The Debt Freer site is currently only intended for customers who live in the United States.  Payments cannot be made to those living outside of the United States.

User Information.  The user is responsible to accurately enter their information into the system as well as the payment handler’s system.  Failure to do so may cause commission payments to not be received.  Debt Freer will not be responsible for payments to users will inaccurate information.